The Studio​.

White Light is all about the thought and process that goes into design – using strategic thinking and research we build strong solutions, crafted uniquely for you.

We are creative problem solvers (who listen) – combining strategy, design and functionality, we help our clients communicate their unique story, visually.

We all have a story. Let us help you tell yours.

Our Humans.

Watch this space – all about our humans coming soon!

Our Humans.

Hannah Greenfield

A dreamer and creative problem solver. Feels most at home with a coffee in hand brainstorming possibilities. Thrives off excited and passionate clients and has a knack for interpreting what they can’t put into words. Believes the world would be a different place without post-it notes and to-do lists. 

Lover of good wine, crystals and napping.

Husband thinks she’s bonkers.

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Usually known as Fran, uses Frances when pretending to be posh.

Fran is someone who just seems to land on her feet. She is above average at most things she does. Come to Fran for some solid above average work. #csgetdegrees.