Thrive in Light

Thrive in Light is an online platform which seeks to inspire, guide and motivate women to thrive through yoga, qoya and soul inspiration. Kate Watkinson came to White Light in search of an identity that spoke to women and embodied the company’s spiritual values.

The result is a delicate and feminine identity with a logomark that incorporates three simple elements symbolic of the divine trinity; the sun, the moon and the stars. These celestial elements are the three aspects of light in Tarot Major Arcana. Positioned in the heavens and so deeply connected to the divine, they are symbolic of empowerment, providing light to the world of humans below. These elements are encompassed under three arches which are representative of fellowship and the coming together of the Thrive community through the platform’s main offerings – yoga, qoya and soul inspiration.

What we did

Concepts and idea generation
Brand identity and guidelines
Print collateral (inc. business cards)
Responsive website design
Responsive website development
Print management