Zoop is a sustainable bodycare brand with products built to perform under the most extreme environments. ⁠Through bold, interesting photography; straight-talking, sit-up and listen copy; and playful colours we built a brand that’s led by its attitude and backed by its products.

With product packaging the main focus, the brand’s logomark is bold and commanding, designed to make a statement and stand out on the shelf. A balance of elongated hard lines and smooth curves nicely reflects the onomatopoeic nature of the word ‘Zoop’ and make it a perfect fit for giving the brand a brave presence in the bodycare marketplace.⁠

The packaging range is bright, bold and playful featuring the brand’s distinct landscape line.⁠ ⁠ This distinguishable mark has a dual meaning. Not only is it a depiction of the hills, mountains and fjords of New Zealand, it is also representative of the drips of liquid and creams from the brand’s bodycare range.⁠ The lines and containers speak to the product’s technical performance while the painted texture and handdrawn marker elements add to the brand’s authentic energy. ⁠

What we did

Concepts and idea generation
Brand identity
Packaging design
Printed collateral
Art direction


Photography: Social Focus NZ

Copywriting: Jo Wigley